Who Is Low?

Low was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado in March of 1992. Growing up, Low always had a passion for music. He would often find himself in the back of his father’s car listening to artists such as Marvin Gaye, Boyz II Men, All-4-One and Brian McKnight. Low always found solace in two things: music and his family. He often says he was born into a miracle with how much his family loved and cared for him.As Low grew older in Aurora, he began to notice the struggles within his community. From gangs, guns, drugs, and violence, Low witness first-hand how these factors affected him, his family, and his friends. Low began to write poetry at the age of 11 for a class assignment as a way to express what he was seeing in his community. This form of art and expression spoke to Low and matched his passions. He began to introduce himself to all different forms of poetry and particularly fell in love with Slam and Spoken Word. From then on, Low would begin to fill notebook after notebook with poems he wrote to express what was happening in his community, his life, his emotion, and his feelings of depression and anxiety.

As Low graduated high school and started college at Colorado State University, he struggled to find his purpose or place within the institution. He turned back to poetry. Although he had been writing poetry for years, he wanted to journey into making music and creating Hip-Hop and Rap. The music helped keep Low on track to eventually earn a Master's Degree. He chose the name Low to represent of his life - the first first representing his last name: Lowe. Beyond his last name, he uses the name Low as a reminder of who he is, where he comes from, and what inspired him to make music. Coming from a place of depression, anxiety, anger, and violence, Low's low moments form the words he put on paper. Those words create a sanctuary in his mind. "Low" is a reminder of who he is at the very center of his core.

Low’s passion will always belong to music. Through creating his own, he hopes to make music that is not glamorized, but rather is painfully honest and relatable. He believes modern day Rap and Hip-Hop has suffered and that he no longer sees the passion, reality, relatability, and honesty in today’s culture. Low aims to revive those ideals and bring upon a new era of Hip-Hop where youth and society can be inspired to expect more and achieve a greater purpose.